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[낭만공장 박공장장] 업소용영업비밀! 600W? 700W? 어떤게 내 파워에 맞는거지?? 나에게 맞는 파워 확인하는 방법!

주소창에 www.낭만공장.com
조립컴퓨터 판매 및 실시간 조립,견적 하고있습니다.
좋아요! 와 구독! 감사합니다!

스카이컴스 : https://outervision.com/power-supply-calculator

셰어링youtube : 엌ㅋㅋ 400W로도 되는건데 700W를 꽂아놨넼ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ 과거의 내자신 한대때리고싶다 ㅠ
더덕국산 : 저 영상보고 다했어요 근데 431W 나 왔었는데 저가 파워을 잘 몰아서 파워 추천좀 해주세요

정격 600W 가성비파워 리뷰,인기있는파워서플라이,가성비가 정격600W인이유,어떤브랜드제품좋은지,장점단점을 알아봤습니다

현재가성비 정격 600W파워서플라이 (power supply)

마이크로닉스 Classic II 600W +12V Single Rail 85+ (액티브PFC) 80플러스인증 무상6년
잘만 MegaMax 600W 80PLUS STANDARD (액티브PFC) 80플러스인증 무상6년
FSP HYPER K 600W 80PLUS Standard 230V EU (액티브PFC) 80플러스인증 무상5년
ABKO SUITMASTER SETTLER 600W 80PLUS Standard 230V EU (액티브PFC) 80플러스인증 무상7년
COOLMAX FOCUS 600W 80Plus 230V EU (액티브PFC) 80플러스인증 무상 5년 마이크로닉스 저가브랜드

My Friend's First Grow - 600w LED Musical Slide Show with Narration

Jack Herer, Ocean Forest, 600w LED Spider Farmer, 6.5pH, 0-4-3 Bloom Nutes, Mycorrhiza.

Music: Weedtown Cafe Instrumental
Marcos Alvarez : thats girls are Fem or Autoflowering?
staylifted187 : Almost a QP off 3 plants for his first grow not to bad
YeaBabeUmNu : My whole family just started our journey to grow. We have basically the same set up, just a wakeyme 1200w led is the difference. We've been documenting our grow as well (my wife) and we'd love to give you our footage as well once were done.
Google User : Yields are too low. Jack Herer is normally a good yielding strain so it shouldn't be a problem getting 1g per watt.
Félix Valdivia : OMG drying process without trimming it before >.< im gonna get one of those farming lamps, nice review! :)
诗壆 : do you have a link to buy this led?
Tryin’ to stay high : The runts can grow to be the champs.
oso wxvy : I like the San Andreas remix
Ryan Machowski : Wow huge yield. Great show dude. Teach him him to grow
Diogo Rocha : 4 months... for 36 gram per plant! You must be crazy...




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