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hvr-v1n 30p

Rodrigo Daher : question:
is it in 16:9 mode?


Sony HVR V1 camcorder & Ninja review

A short review of the Sony V1 camcorder \u0026 Atomos Ninja 2 recorder
Celina Vincent : Is this compatible with a SONY HVR Z1U?
RobK : Hello why is the Sony screen not switched off at connecting on the Ninja?I have a Sony VG10 and other cams that switch off the screen at connecting HDMI when connecting to the Ninja Star!
AJ Media : Hi thanks for the very helpful video. Will the atomos ninja2 work ok with PC and adobe pro etc or is it just Apple products? Thanks
Vincent Brice : I would have loved one of these for my V1 but unfortunately I edit with Sony Vegas Pro 13 on a PC not a Mac. Are there any recorders that record from the sensor in a PC compatible format?
Bopp Leng : Hello, I have the same constellation like you. For some reason I see on the Ninja2 Display on the right side a vertical purple line behind the icons and after recording this line is visible in the footage. Are you aware of such or is my used Ninja2 not in order?
A soon reply would be highly appreciated.
luigi menta : Last video examples in this review were interlaced type not progressive. :(
This means HDMI output is 1080i (1440*1080) not 1080p.
The Productivity Channel : This is a magnificently helpful review - many thanks!
novamarketingdotbiz : Hi , great idea! I just got that camera and trying to run that ninja. I have problem getting any output off of that HDMI. Is there something in the menu I need to activate our I just got a defective HDMI output?
Sebastian Scheepers : Hi, I am getting conflicting info on the internet. Maybe you can give me some clarity. What resolution does the V1 output from the HDMI port? 1920x1080 25p? Can it do higher frame rates like say 30p? Some reviews said that the HDMI output is still interlaced ie: 1080i? Is this incorrect?
roontunes : thanks, I've been using a sony lanc fixed to the tripod handle and it is SUPERB, has zoom, focus, record, record review, all without taking your eye off the viewfinder or the lcd. Might cobble together a little rig to fix the atmos to the handle so both record functions are side by side. I don't like anything mounted on the camera shoe as it obstructs my view if I'm shooting 'commando' ;-) . I'm enjoying your other reviews etc, great work and thanks for taking the time to do that and share it.

20130723 SONY HVR-V1N 習作-02

時間:20130723 1630pm~1800pm
使用器材:SONY HVR-V1N (回收一次DV帶拍攝)
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