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Fjallraven Classic Kanken Backpack Review

Fjallraven Classic Kanken Backpack -

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Anuy : Lol i found mine wich is 100% real for 10€ at a flea market
Lazarus Villagomez : Amazon? Who the heck would trust third party vendors selling fake Fjällräven products.
Xxcute demonxX : I finally got the bag cuz it was on sale so I payed 61 dollars for it and I’m glad it wasn’t fake cuz it was not from the Fjällräven website so yeah.
I recommend you to buy it from a trusted website and not one that have just random people selling items.Stay safe!
Mathilda Klinger Danielsson : Fj*Äll r°Även K*Ånken
*Ä= Like the sound in "Can"
°Ä= Like the sound in "Ask"
*Å= Like in "Gone"
Greetings from stockholm!
Camille ALBALADEJO : hello, actually I want to take this bag for the start of the school year but I don't know if I should take the medium size (16L) or the large size (20L) because in addition I will have notebooks and binders and I'm afraid that it does not fit? can you help me please ??? Thank you
IJK Doodling : Yeah, google doesn’t now how to pronounce that.
loran epps : Could you review the kanken sling
Ellen : Fjallraven Kanken
Fj•all•ra•ven Kan•ken
/Fee yull reh ven Kon ken/

See definitions in
backpack school

backpack made in 1978 to prevent back problems among Swedish students
Marija Bunda : would you, please, review this?
Karyl Ann Velez : I’m really excited to buy my own Kanken

Fjallraven Kanken Classic, Mini and Laptop 15 Backpack Comparison |

This is a comparison video of three Fjallraven Kanken backpacks: the Kanken Classic, Kanken Mini and Kanken Laptop 15.

We look at the similarities, the differences and offer our recommendation for which backpack to choose.

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Navigate through the Kanken lineup with our Buyer's guide:

Read our review and see close up pictures of the 15" Laptop Kanken here:

Read our thoughts of the Mini Kanken here:

Read our thoughts of the Kanken Classic here:

To see how much each of these backpacks can pack, please check out our channel Tekuben Prime where you'll find videos of each bag.

The Kanken Classic we have here is in the Fog color. The Kanken Mini is in Leaf Green and the Kanken 15 Laptop backpack is in Ox Red.

We make these videos to help you decide if these bags are right for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask in the comments section below. Provide feedback to help us make these videos better by letting us know what you like and don't like about our videos.

If you're ready to purchase one of these Kankens, help support us by shopping for them on Amazon with our links:
Mini in Leaf Green:
Classic in Fog:
15" Laptop in Ox Red:

or on Fjallraven:
Mini in Leaf Green:
Classic in Fog:
15" Laptop in Ox Red:

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**All of our bags were purchased from authorized retailers. Don't buy fakes! Only buy from authorized retailers!
- If you're buying online, verify the reseller on Fjallraven's website here:
- If you're buying in store, find authorized retailers here:**

Thank you for watching and safe travels!
Irene : So the laptop 13” is smaller than the Classic?
Ilany Andalón : Where did you buy them
Ava Yup : Hello! If there is anyone who has bought this backpack which size would you recommend for a middle schooler?
Sofia PT a001851 : Thanksss
Haley Morrow : The pad is not made to sit on its to help keep you back by getting poked at and stuff but the stuff in your backpack
Bi disaster : I really want a mini but I want it to be an emerald green color they don't have quite what im looking for
Ell : It's fake. This kankens haven't got Swedish flag inside the bag
Celine Lim : The straps look so uncomfortable
Mikhail Panchukov : You don't mention that "laptop 15" version is slightly larger than the classic version
India Grace : Which one is better for travel and school? Please let me know im thinking of buying. Thank you!!

Fjallraven Quality! Fjallraven Keb 52L Backpack Review

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After over 6 months of testing Luke is ready to pass on his Agenda Free Review of the Fjallraven Keb 52L backpack!

Will it live up to the high standards which are often associated with Fjallraven?

Find out now!

Price : $275

Weight : Almost 5lbs (4lb 15.7oz)

Agenda Free Link :

Colors : Men, Blue and black

Women : Black, red navy blue

Versions : 52L (3173cu in) and a 72L

Sexes : The Keb is available in men and womens makes.

Sizes : One fits all

Made from new Bergshell fabric and well-proven G -1000 HeavyDuty Eco S – it offers outstanding performance in challenging terrain.

trekking backpack with ski touring functionality.

Made from G-1000® HeavyDuty Eco S with base and side sections in Bergshell, a waterproof 400D ripstop fabric made from 31% recycled nylon.

YKK zipers

Wooden frame made from FSC-certified birch.

Narrow profile gives freedom of movement on technical treks/ski trips.

Ergonomic carrying system with snow-repellent stretch fabric.

Carrying system can easily be adapted to fit a wide range of back lengths.

Supportive hip belt and shaped shoulder straps.

All features designed for easy handling with winter gloves on.

Large main compartment with snowlock closure.

Top lid with two zippered pockets.

The hip belt has two pockets plus loops for pulling a toboggan.

Hydration system compatible.

Rain cover included.

Pros :

After countless months and dozens and dozens of trips out, I’m ready to share with you all my thoughts on the Keb pack.

Top notch quality

Excellent burly materials which will last

Torso length can be adjusted

Fit \u0026 Wear Comfort : is absolutely excellent and in fact, this is without a doubt one of the most comfortable packs that I have ever used no matter how much weight I have put in it. Even with loadouts up to 35lbs the pack continued to be comfortable and manageable.

Excellent weight distribution.

It sits where it needs to sit on your body, is adjustable where it needs to be and has excellent padding on the shoulders and waist belt.

Dual access; size and top is excellent.

Excellent side pockets for bottles and additional gear; nicely designed so you can use them when you need them or get them out of the way when you don’t. Stretchy is a plus.

Excellent compression straps

Sleeping bag zipper at the bottom

Good amount of pockets for organizing and quick access items.

G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco S material, made from recycled polyester and organic cotton (can be made water-resistant with Greenland Wax for more extreme weather conditions).

Keb has a very slim profile and doesn’t fall far from your back. It’s a good shape that leads to stability when hiking even on slick or steep terrain.

The bottom and sides are made from the completely new waterproof Bergshell fabric, made from recycled nylon. Then there is the external frame of (FSC certified) birch. According to Fjällräven, CO2 emissions during the production of the backpack are reduced by 90%.

Cons :

Back of pack offer padding but isn’t the most breathable of packs. Not the best, not the worst as far as ventilation goes. With that being said, you will sweat with enough effort with any pack on.

Hop pockets are not very good in my opinion. Big enough to hold small items but unfortunately can’t be opened one handed. To open and close, it takes two hands; one to hold the pocket and one to pull the zipper

As you fill the main compartment the front pocket becomes tighter and tighter;

This is a slender pack which can make accessing your gear from the top…luckily you have the side access!

Summary :

comfort, durability and robustness

Truly one of the best packs that I have used in years and is worth every penny in my opinion. I purchased this with my own money, I don’t care if you buy one as that isn’t of any significance to me.

Consider : 52L may not be enough space for everyone; consider what you carry and whether or not you need a larger pack. If you are in doubt, there is the 72L version to consider.

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Eric Rosbottom : The coolest hand in the land
Petit panier d'osier : eco quality !
jogu123 : Excellent review, my wife and me love Fjällräven.... regards from Sweden
OneBagTravel : For 3 day hikes with tent and sleeping bag, I think I'm going to get the Kajka 65. It's 7lbs but allows me to bring everything I need.
Dude Big : Thumbs up as always... peace
David Fantle : I also have a number of Fjallraven products, and appreciate their design philosophy, compared to what is presently popular. 'Burly' and 'Feature-Rich' appear to be their mantra, while thumbing their noses at the Ultra-Light obsession that has dominated the American market in recent years. Tough as crap, and with a pocket for everything feels better to me than 'look how many Oz. I shaved off my base weight' :)
TheTrailDancer : hi Luke... still trying to decide between the 52/72. I still use the Baltoro for my big load-outs and just got the Paragon 48 to test and review. :) A lot of my friends in Sweden recommend and have the 52. :) I am just wondering if I could be my Hilleberg Staika. :(
Spathí Tis Pnévmatos : I had to come back to this episode so you guys know I scored a black version of the keb 52 off eBay for $160 after taxes and shipping amazing deal awesome bag thank you for the review!
Felix Stefan B : Good review
Ingus Krauklis : Very comfortable. Sits well on the back. I got the 52L. Packed it to about 11lb.




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