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CGI **Award-Winning** 3D Animated Short : "Espero (Hope)" - by Team Espero | TheCGBros

Check out this humerous 3D animated short called "Espero (Hope)" a humorous, entertaining but also educational animated comedy which sarcastically shows how Gaia, our planet Earth, met humankind years and years ago, and all the problems which followed! For more information, please see the details and links below:

A criticism of our modern society and of the way we"ve been "evolving" over the centuries. Apart from having a quite original visual style, ESPERO? (HOPE?) is also the very first 3D animated film fully dubbed in Esperanto, a beautiful universal language created over a hundred years ago to foster peace and international understanding between people.

Graduation film created at the National Centre for Computer Animation in Bournemouth (UK) by Simone Giampaolo, Yifan Hu and Henrik Linnes.

Official Fecebook Page:

• BLUE-ZOO Award for Best Major Project (Bournemouth, UK)
• Children’s Prize at Dieciminuti Film Festival 2014 (Italy)
• Best Animation at Ecozine Film Festival (Spain)
• Silver Award at the 2nd Northeastern Asia International Ani-Com Competition
• Best Animation at Kino-Teatro-Festivalo (USA)
Official Selections:
• MIA Animation Festival 2013 (USA)
• Canterbury Anifest 2013 (UK)
• Offline Film Festival 2013 (Ireland)
• Animation Festival Anima-São (Brazil)
• EcoCup Film Festival (Russia)
• Chitrakatha’13 (India)
• Golden Orchid International Animation Festival (USA)
• Animae Caribe Animation Festival (Caribbean)
• Animax Skopje Fest 2013 (Macedonia)
• Libelula Festival (Spain)
• Curtain Raiser The Malta Children´s Film Fest
• NOFI World Festival of Student \u0026 Non-commercial Films
• Dieciminuti Film Festival (Italy)
• Environmental Film Festival in the Nation"s Capital (USA)
• Watersprite: The Cambridge International Student Film Festival (UK)
• Animated Exeter 2014 (UK)
• St Albans Film Festival (UK)
• 2014 Chester International Film Festival (UK)
• EcoFocus Film Festival (USA)
• Skepto International Film Festival (Italy)
• Bangkok International Student Film Festival
• National Film Festival for Talented Youth 2014 (USA)
• ISFFI 2014 (India)
• The West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival (USA)
• ANNECY 2014 (France)
• Ecozine Film Festival 2014 (Spain)
• 4th Kalat Nissa Film Festival (Italy)
• International Animation Festival GOLDEN KUKER (Bulgaria)
• International Children’s Film Festival (Poland)
• Malta Animation Film Festival
• Seattle International Film Festival (USA)
• KIKI - international film festival for kids (Croatia)
• ZLÍN FILM FESTIVAL (Czech Republic)
• SICAF 2014 (Korea)
• Anima Mundi International Animation Festival (Brazil)
• International Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival (Turkey)
• FICAIJ - International Film Festival for Children and Youth (Venezuela)
• The Frederick Film Festival (USA)
• Festivali Filmit Ballkanik Dhe Artit Kulinar (Albania)
• Supertoon International Animation Festival (Croatia)
• Comicron Film Festival (Italy)
• Anibar International Animation Festival (Kosovo)
• 2nd Northeastern Asia International Ani-Com Competition
• C.A.K.E. - Creative Animation Knowledge Exchange 2014
• Golden Anteaters 2014 (Poland)
• Esperanto Performing Arts and Film Festival (USA)
• Athens Video Art Festival 2014 (Greece)
• 30th Interfilm Berlin (Germany)
• CologneOFF X – Cologne International Videoart Festival (Germany)
• 2014 Ethiopia International Film Festival
• 10th Annual Children’s Film Festival Seattle (USA)
• Comedy Short Film Festival at Plaza Romania
• Seoul Guro International Kids Film Festival (GUKIFF2016)

~ Director
~ Animator
~ Character Designer
~ Story Artist
~ Producer
~ Art Director
~ Lighting TD
~ Texture Artist
~ Compositor
~ Technical Director
~ Lead Modeller
~ Animator
~ Problem Solver
~ Music
~ Sound Designer
~ Esperanto translation
~ Dubbing
~ 2D Visual Effects
~ Script Editor

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Official TheCGBros
LivingCorpse-ish : I love the mars part btw
LivingCorpse-ish : when would the last one happen
Kashillah Sylvain : This man should be a good kid and take care of earth.
Parvin Natkar : Very nice❤️
RICKMA SHOHAGI : beautyfull

espero Espinoza paz. CONCIERTO NOKIA

Espinoza Paz canta grandiosamente uno de sus grandes exitos " ESPERO"
Hector Manuel Anaya Robles : Groot anties groot tiete groot anties groot anties groot tiete tiete groot gat in the area in en uit die eerste dag in die volgende keer as ek nie in en om hulle te leer en te laat voel nie in the world is op kokkedoor
Jorge Vargas Castro : Quiero ese disco !!!!
Beatle Vlog : Quien no ha estado dolido alguna vez, y escuchando estación se le salen las lágrimas.
Juana Hernandez : Espero estar haciendo lo correcto espero no fallar en el intento
Karla Isabel Guadarrama Jardon : Rvajewhwfndwgbagr h no me he dado HolaSabes que bs se me dijo sbcdc

Złomnik: Daewoo Espero feat. Pertyn Ględzi

Jeździmy Espero z Pertynem.
Opis Espero:

Kanał Pertyn Ględzi:
Sułtan Złota Rąsia : W caro by nie zginął kula by odbiła się od drzwi
Sułtan Złota Rąsia : To jest projekt przerobionej starej mazdy
Norbert Walega : Kumpel mial fabryczny egzemplarz z silnikiem opla 20 16 v alusy i color czerwien mex zajebisty
SajKoala : Mój stary miał
Jerry Weed : w wersji bez regulowanej kierownicy zmiesci sie chyba tylko adam małysz




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