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#e207 Preview: GERD & LPR in Adults - The SLPs Role in Diagnosis & Treatment

This course is intended to educate and inform speech-language pathologists about GERD and LPR as it affects both swallowing and voice disorders in adults. The anatomy and physiology and how they relate to the genesis of reflux will be reviewed for a more complete understanding of the syndromes. This course will review current GERD and LPR research and apply the findings to Speech Pathology practice. The role speech-language pathologists can play in assessment, as well as behavioral and medical treatment will be outlined. Offered for 0.4 ASHA CEUs – 4 contact hours.

Visit NorthernSpeech.com/0822 to learn more.
Laurenn Russell : Dυε tο this αcid rεflux disοrdεr mεdicαtiοn "Tαzυnkο Sοbο" (Gοοglε it), I wαs αblε tο trεαt my digεstiοn cοmplicαtiοns. Thεrε`s nο prοblεm in hαving this trεαtmεnt. Yου will nεvεr knοw this cαn imprοvε yοur digεstiοn prοblεms αnd chrοnic αcid rεflux disεαsε..
ZkReAr1718 : Question.... does this have to do with constan throat cleaning ? Or like a feeling to seallow plem but it does not go away?
Epickittycat Hitt : Bεcαusε οf this αcid rεflux disοrdεr trεαtmεnt mεthοd "Tαzυnkο Sοbο" (Gοοglε it), I mαnαgεd tο dεfεαt my digεstivε issuεs. Thεrε`s nο hαrm in tεsting this mεdicαtiοn. Whο knοws this might wοrk tοwαrds yουr digεstivε cοmplicαtiοns αnd chrοnic αcid rεflυx disοrdεr..
Tucson Cookfera : I hαvε pυrsυεd αll οthεr prοcεdurεs sυch αs clαssic mεdicαtiοn αs wεll αs thε mοdεrn dαy drug trεαtmεnts in rεliεving my αcid rεflυx, bοwεl irrεgυlαrity, αnd lεαking gυt αnd nοnε hαvε shοwn tο bε highly εffεctivε. I jυst αdhεrεd tο thε initiαl stεp in hεαrtburn trεαtmεnt "Tαzυnkο Sοbο" (Gοοglε it) αnd αll my αchεs αrε disαppεαrεd αnd sοmε οf my signs αrε trεαtεd..
monsieur420 : How was the stricture found? with a upper endoscopy? I had one done two years ago but only mild irritation was found also feel a globus sensation all the time
J wayne : sleeping on left side allows lpr pepsin gas to go up into throat.right side better for lpr.
Good To know Facts : Lpr can be cured you need to follow three rules
1) elevate bed level by 10-15 inch so that gravity works against reflux
2) consume 4-5 small meals through the day/ each meal should be around 100 grams/ no spices/tomato/garlic/onion/chocolate/mint/ tea/ coffee/ alcohol
3) consume anti reflux medication/ name is gaviscon advance / it has sodium alginate in it which forms a raft on food in stomach / stops reflux

This should do the job /20 mg ppi per day can also be used

Good luck and stay healthy!!

RefluxDoc | Fixing LPR

Dr. Mark Noar talks about the simple and cheap methods to fix LPR.

For more information, visit www.refluxdoc.com
Hungrey Jo : Last month i had some real bad LPR attack, lost my voice, my ears were itchy... so I started some habits that have been working and I've been feeling great: stopped eating simple carbs, avoid acidic raw foods, the only fats I eat are olive oil (not too much ok a couple of spoons in food), a handful of walnuts and sunflower seeds everyday. I also started drinking bone broth everyday to heal gut tissues. I eat hard cheese such as edam, but I avoid milk makes my throat itch.
Other than that I eat everything else all meats, all fish, deserts and sometimes I have the odd coffee mixed 1 part with 5 parts alkaline 9.2 water.
Everything has been great! Until today: I asked for an omelet at a restaurant and it was fried in Butter!!! Now my life is ruined again. Tried this remedy it has worked for now, but tomorrow I'm starting the fight again.
bilal mukhlis : Are you supposed to inhale/swallow the mixture as you put it into the nose/throat?
Kelley Allen : Thank God. My doctor's can't figure this out. I can't breathe. I'll try it.
qwert20 : So I tried this for months and it didn't really help
Zen Lemon : Does lpr cause choking sensation while speaking and dry cough? I am really concerned
albert antonio : Thank you doctor i finally found you. I will try it. I hope i will be healed. It's a great help doctor. I salute you......
BobTheLegend : Will this help with reflux that causes lump in throat feeling, like would I breathe and orally take the solution?
Vartika Singh : Does it cause burning in the nose for anyone else while using it for post nasal drip?
Lamiya r : Wow!! My husband has been suffering for 6 months we all thought it was allergies. The doctors couldn't help even after doing the ballon procedure for sinues. I'm so thankful I found this video for him it has helped my husband tremendously!! Its been 3 days and WOW!!!! Thank you so much!!!

9/23 Update: its been a couple of weeks and husband is doing fine with the spray still not 100% but not bad as it was. We are now narrowing down foods he eats that seem to cause the influx of mucus. Good luck to everyone!
Stephen Milazzo : I guess you could just gargle alkaline water instead (for the throat). They make water that is over 8+

Do you have "Singer's Reflux?" | LPR | #DrDan

The impact of reflux on the voice can be severe. This video outlines what reflux is and offers a range of helpful hints when dealing with reflux.

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Read more about Singer's Reflux here - http://bit.ly/ZUWjME

Learn more about Voice Care here - http://bit.ly/14a9ddV

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And a small side note (because I'm asked a lot): It is important to note that while I hold a doctorate (thus I am Dr Dan), I am not a medical doctor, and the advice provided in this video is generalised information only. Therefore you should always consult with your licensed health care professional for personalised advice about your vocal health and well-being. #DrDan

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Macklyn Music : Thanks for this, Dr. Dan. I just started having heavy reflux back in December of 2018 and around May 2019 I began noticing a change in my voice. I don't know if it's granuloma, but I'm waiting to hear back from my PCP to set up an appointment with an ENT or voice doctor.
Joseph-san : Gerd = Acid while LPR = Pepsin (and sometimes acid). Gerd and LPR (Silent Reflux) are not the same.
marianne carlson : I ate pizza and before I got a shower I burped up the acid and pizza in my stomach...I feel like the acid burned my vocal chords and now I'm trying to sooth them with tea and honey...this sucks because I was going to sing tonight
Stefstef Christophe : don't use these drugs they cause other long-term illnesses
Julius Sandoval : Sir can you help me..last january 2017 i drink capsules a dietary capasule to burn fats...i drink i think 2 capsules a day and i ate spicy foods along with taking the capsules..then after a week i stop taking the capasule because i think it affected my voice...then i tried lozenges and gurgles to cure my voice and it dis work..march 2017 i went to an eent for check up and they told me it is acid reflux...they do not see anything abnormal on my vocal chords and just give me medicine for acid reflux...but until now my voice didnt come back like the way before... I am a singer and i dont know what to do...i just want to know if theres no abnormalities on my vocal chords just like 4 eent doctor said is there any part of my throath thats bewn affected by acid reflux that my eent doctors didnt see that affects my singing voice...i am now loosing hope that my singing voice will not come back and be normal again.hope you can help me....
Marija Marković : Can I ask you guys ,are you concerned about it? And do you avoid all acidic foods
jaskamal kaur : Im singing from last 20 years from last three months i had this problem never knew that i had reflux i use to do everything whatever was possibles but finaly met ent specialist he said i may had reflux .he gave me a tablet to take one every day and just after one day i could see results and today been fourth day my voice is 90%back im so glad i got right diagnose thank God.
OREO STORM 101 : i have acid reflux so i can help myself sing better if i take these steps?
Ana : something I feel is missing from your video that I just want to mention is that singers actually are more prone to this disease because of how you use your body in singing. Abdominal support primarily is really a cause of this in my own experience. Especially singing on a full stomach.
bertaga41 : The reason people search YouTube is because doctors are hopeless.All you get is medication that causes a whole list of new risks to your health.




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