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Hummer C0388 Code Rear Differential Lock Actuator

This is what I found tracing this code. Fixed broken wire now good to go.

This video was made as a demonstration how to repair things and should not be done with out the proper training and safety equipment. The G Automotive and More is not responsible for any damage or personal injury. Please if you don't have the ability to do these demonstrations, don't try and get a professional to do it for you.


DTC Hummer C0388 Short Explanation

The video focuses on the basic Hummer specific diagnostic error code.\r
0:21 Basic DTC analysis according to OBD2 protocol standard.\r
1:48 Insight into programming\r
- an explanation of what a bit is and how a byte is formed\r
- decoding the Error Code to the base programming\r
2:58 A diagnostically understandable description of the Diagnostic Trouble Code\r
3:05 Basic error definition\r
- Possible causes or errors of the car and its parts describing the mentioned error\r
We will continue to work on improving the content.\r
Our efforts at Maxidot s.r.o.the video content gets better.\r
#maxidot #dtc #howto #diagnostictroublecode #hummer\r
Throttle or Pedal Position Sensor or Switch B Circuit Range or Performance\r
The electronic throttle control (ETC) throttle position (TP) sensor 2 circuit was flagged as a concern by the powertrain control module (PCM) indicating an out of range in either the closed or wide open throttle (WOT) modes.\r
Obstruction in the throttle plate movementDamaged throttle bodyTP circuit open to PCMDamaged TP sensorSelf-test operator error (foot resting on the accelerator pedal during test)\r
This concern exhibits a symptom of limited power.




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