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Digital Audio Tape: The one DAT got away

A look at DAT - tape that sounded as good as a CD and was supposed to replace cassettes...however the recording industry decided it had to die.
FAQs \u0026 Updates are below

Long Play Mode is 32kHz (added as an annotation before the video went live)
This video may contain the occasional redundant turn of phrase...e.g. "DAT Tape" if this is of concern, please do not press play.

Q) Are you going to do a video about Minidisc?
A) Yes - (see 21:22)
Q) When
A) I don't know

Q) Hey why didn't you go into detail about the computer backup tape drives that used DAT?
A) Because this was a video about DAT...Digital Audio Tape. You're thinking of DDS Digital Data Storage. I won't be making a video about DDS, so if it's something you know a lot about, and you think there would be an audience for a video on DDS, you should cover it.

Q) Did you know that you can record off a radio using a computer?
A) I'd guess that everyone knows this...I was only pointing out that Modern HiFi systems rarely contain a separate recording component any more. You can always record anything if you put your mind to it.

Q) Hey LOL you said that we are using Napster...you're so out of date dude...etc
A) Here's what's going on - Remember Mr Angry in 1986 trying to stop DAT (pretty much what the first half of the video is about)...well when I say..."of course he wasn't to know that in 15 years or so we would be using file sharing programmes like Napster". The maths works like this 1986 + 15 years = 2002 (2017 is 31 years later...not 15).

I bought my DAT Recorders from EBAY - here's a link https://goo.gl/x2k1jX

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Squiggle : they were so worried about music piracy but not even 15 years later or so everyone was downloading music online
bryc : 'more quality than 16-bit would allow' except 99.9999999% of humans can't tell 16-bit from 17-bit
Daniel Gill : Star Trek master audio recordings!!! Amazing, so jealous!
Pineapple road : 20:19 [looks at the shelves behind me to make sure I haven't gone crazy, sees three devices that are capable of recording] and I must be one of the few people that would be able to record something then
SteelRodent : The bitching about the DAT was the exact same as when the CD burners came out. And with the non-functional CD copy protection they only encouraged piracy because we had to remove the copy protection to make them playable in ordinary CD players, especially car stereos do not like when they screw around with non-standard formats because they don't have the processing power to deal with it. And then they repeated it with MiniDisc and MP3 and so on. Now we have the article 13 bullshit, which once again is just a bunch of self-entitled idiots thinking they should get paid multiple times for something they've already been paid for.
seravenerdi : There's a recent fascination with audio cassette lately. A DAT is far more superior: 0% wow & flutter/ SNR over 90dB with no NR / Superior Freq. Range / Better programmability / DAT tapes are super cheap currently.
pdoherty926 : I fully expected there to be some mention of DAT usage by "tapers" or bootleggers. I was never a taper myself, but I know people who were, and the format was very popular with them.
David Jackmanson in Melbourne, Australia : It always amuses me that in the novelisations of Red Dwarf, Lister has a DAT music collection. It must have seemed so futuristic when they were written, and it had about fifteen years of life left.
Frank Pickett : Regarding DAT vs. DDS tapes: the DDS tapes are actually superior to the DAT tapes because they need to be "computer grade," reliable and able to be archived long-term. So if you want the best recordings, use DDS tapes in your DAT deck. However after DDS, DDS2 tapes changed the tape formula a bit and it was harder for DAT recorders to properly magentize them, not to mention they were thinner tape and so could tangle in a cheaper mechanism (basically anything that didn't use a 4-motor DD transport). DDS3 changed the formula again and these tapes are generally unusable in a DAT deck.
Frank Pickett : Digital audio tape is interesting technologically speaking. There were two types: RDAT and SDAT (for Rotary and Stationary heads respectively). RDAT formats included DTRS and ADAT but the only consumer product, and the only one branded as 'DAT', was Sony's 4mm format. SDAT was mostly only used in professional settings with formats such as the open-reel DASH and ProDigi; it was really only used in a consumer form in Philips' DCC but that was necessarily (due to its technological restrictions) a lossy compressed format vs. DAT's PCM. DAT decks' head drums vary in size and rotational speed and thus had more or less head wrap in proportion. Many of the DAT decks that fail can be resurrected by replacing the tiny belts and/or the leaked SMT capacitors that populate them, though occasionally (especially in Sony decks) some of the plastic gears or other transport drivers will be broken.
Regarding SCMS, Minidisc, DCC, and CD recorders also conform to the SCMS scheme. There are a few early consumer DAT decks without it (mostly the Japanese market models) and pretty much all of the professional models can disable SCMS to some degree. However there are intermediary devices out there that can strip the SCMS and copy-restrict codes from the bitstream allowing for unrestricted multi-generational copies and the duplication of copy-restricted material. They can also do sampling rate conversion and coax/optical conversion in most cases.

Rich Brian - Dat $tick (Official Video)

RICH BRIAN's TWITTER: @richbrian
Get "Dat $tick" on iTunes: http://hyperurl.co/datstick
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/richbrian

Produced by Ananta Vinnie
guntur Saputra : Mathefuck
Evin Nurkholik : and I just found out now the song
Rifky Alfaridzi : Cocok buat sunmori lagunya :V
Azriel Rafi Maulana : Coba 1.5 speednya kayak rap god
XYRUS POGI : Who is here because of nme like this comment
Music Copyright : rosid bogard
阿syuan : 什麼神奇的演算法
Sara Joy : yall hype up this song too much. I was expecting better. I feel like southeast Asians just found a semi decent southeast Asian rapper and went crazy.
SCW WRESTLING : This better not get discovered by tik tok this belongs with the legends
SUHER MAN : Gw:pengen kayak dia
Temen:kyk siapa?
Gw:rich brian
Tmn:rich brian siapa?
Tmn:yg mn sih gw pengen liat coba mana?
Gw:nih(di kasih liat video ini)
Tmn:oh di chinna juga ada daerah yg mirip indonya jg yak?!(ngomong pelan)
Gw:ye bpk kau keseleo ini Indonesia bogeng
Tmn:masa,iya sih kyk komplek perumahan
Gw:emang komplek
Tmn:trus yg lu pengen kyk dia itu apa?
Gw:fasih berbahasa Inggris dengan otodidak
Tmn:emang dia kyk gitu?gimana caranya?
Gw:nonton video YouTube
Tmn:wtf,yg bener njir!


After taking the DAT 3 times, I have learned a lot about what works and what doesn't. Here are the top 6 study tips that made me successful!

***Here are my most current DAT Scores***
Academic Average - 22
Total Science - 22
Biology - 21
Organic Chemistry - 22
General Chemistry - 24
Quantitative Reasoning - 20
Reading Comprehension - 24
Perceptual Ability - 20

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Mio Del Rosario : Thank you for posting
sebastian medina lagunas : What a beautiful voice. Thanks
NomadFad : I graduated with a BS in Biology, but I never took Microbio; how big of a deal is that when meeting school requirements?
Renegade8652 : I got an 18 AA on the DAT. I didn't get into any schools on the first application cycle, but got into multiple schools on my second try. I thought about retaking the DAT, but I'm glad that I decided not to retake it. The problem is that your most recent DAT score is the only one that admissions people care about. So if you get the same score or worse on your second DAT, then you are basically forcing yourself to take it a 3rd time and you had better do pretty good on your 3rd try or you are screwed. In my opinion, an 18 AA should be good enough as long as the rest of your application is solid. I also feel that at least your gpa or DAT score needs to be good. For me, I had the 18 AA, but I had a 3.7 gpa in the sciences, so I felt confident in that when I applied. Another piece of advice.... anyone invited to an interview has a chance to get accepted, I know that the interview day for me on my second application cycle went way better than the first year. For me it took a few interviews to be comfortable... The bottom line is that you should plan on applying more than one application cycle, and apply to at least 6 schools each cycle. I know it is expensive, but you have to play the numbers. Schools normally enroll ~30% of the people that they interview, so I would want at least 3 interviews in an application cycle to have a shot at getting in. And if you apply to 10 schools, I wouldn't count on more than 3-5 of them asking you to stop by for an interview. Dental school is super competitive. If you want to get in, you need to be persistent. When you apply a 2nd or 3rd time, your application had better be improving each year is my best advice. There are multiple ways to improve your application from year to year. After I failed to get into dental school on my first try, I did research at my undergrad school, shadowed a specialist, and kept volunteering on weekends. ONe thing I want to stress is that most of us apply for our first time before we have graduated from undergrad. That means that if you do not get into a school on your first try, your grades for your last semester (usually spring) will not be viewable to schools until you are applying for the 2nd time. If your grades slipped for your last semester, it's going to show weakness on your part. When you didn't get into a school, you got lazy is what the admissions people will think. It leaves a lot of question-marks in their minds about how dedicated you are.. I'll answer anyone's questions if anyone has any, I've been there, I know the frustrations of the whole thing. It's complicated to say the least. Take care and stay strong.
Xen : Such a beauty! Wow
Symone Wilson : Im still in undergrad. Is it too early to start studying
Bohr Prep : Good video. You can also check our website for more information on the DAT, studying tips, free materials, tests and guides. https://bohrprep.com
NBDE Academy Practice to Pass : I support the idea of focus on practice and nourishment
Mariam Abdelrahman : I have a question, so if you want to go to a dental school you have to take the DAT , so can you apply for dental school after high school right away and do dental school also look at your SAT scores , GPA , and DAT or just the DAT and GPA
J Wilkerson : interesting info., I wish I knew I could have taken the DAT 3x . I have never heard of anyone taking this entry exam more then once. You should interview a dental school admission committee member to see how they look at taking multiple exams? I would think prepping well for a onetime test, doing well, would look better for an applicant?




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