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Lenovo IBM T60 SSD, RAM, and CPU Upgrade

In today's installment I will be making some upgrades to a Lenovo IBM T60 laptop computer that I bought off ebay for $10. Despite this laptop's age, it is still capable of preforming day to day tasks such as browsing the web, writing up word documents, and streaming media. Even with in its base configuration it is a very snappy daily driver. I have been using my T60 for the past two weeks for school and I absolutely love it. It has handled everything I have thrown at it, including writing VHDL, programming in C++, and drafting basic circuits in Logisim, without issue.

A couple weeks ago I met a student while volunteering for my sister's marching band. Scott intends on majoring in Computer Science but he does not actually own a computer which really surprised me. To help him out I decided to throw together a decent school laptop for him using the T60 as a base.

I added a 120GB SSD, 3GB of DDR2 RAM, a new high capacity battery, a new drive caddy, and swapped out the Intel T2300 with an Intel T7200 Core 2 Duo processor. The system is running in a dual boot configuration with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit edition installed alongside Ubuntu Mate (Mate or Maté?) .

Following the upgrades I ran Passmark on the system and then demonstrated the system's capabilities on camera for a couple minutes. The system is very responsive and is capable of handling any school tasks thrown its way.

At the end of the video I briefly talked to Scott on camera to see what he thought of the laptop. He was very happy with both the quality and performance of this upgraded T60.

HD images:

Ebay Sellers page:\u0026pub=5575159861\u0026toolid=10001\u0026campid=5337833996\u0026customid=\u0026icep_store=electronicrecyclers\u0026ipn=psmain\u0026icep_vectorid=229466\u0026kwid=902099\u0026mtid=824\u0026kw=lg

====Additional parts I bought===

Aftermarket extended battery:

Crucial 2GB DDR2 (for my personal T60):

Intel T7200:\u0026pub=5575159861\u0026toolid=10001\u0026campid=5337833996\u0026customid=\u0026icep_item=232021892779\u0026ipn=psmain\u0026icep_vectorid=229466\u0026kwid=902099\u0026mtid=824\u0026kw=lg

Drive caddy:\u0026pub=5575159861\u0026toolid=10001\u0026campid=5337833996\u0026customid=\u0026icep_item=162152407732\u0026ipn=psmain\u0026icep_vectorid=229466\u0026kwid=902099\u0026mtid=824\u0026kw=lg


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eBay partner link:\u0026pub=5575159861\u0026toolid=10001\u0026campid=5337833996\u0026customid=\u0026ipn=psmain\u0026icep_vectorid=229466\u0026kwid=902099\u0026mtid=824\u0026kw=lg





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diego delos santos : hello, lately my x61 win 7 32bit 2X2gb (but 3gb usable) 500gb ssd core 2 duo t7300 model 76734NA is experiencing shutdown blue screen, maybe because win 7 support is gone. will the middleton's bios give me 8gb ram and install win 10 pro 32 or 64 bit? will really appreciate your reply.
Alif Dhanish : Can I do the same thing in IBM T43? Replace pentium with core i3.
Minhaj SixByte : freakin hell just install a linux distro on it lol
AJAY SINGH : Hi there I would like to give you a challenge bro can you upgrade an R50e
Natkitu : This actually is the first video that I have seen about ThinkPads. Without this. My laptop wouldn't be a T440p. It would have been a Dell.
Dingo Dash : It's pronounced "Màte" (no final accent on the "e") like you would pronounce "latte"
lil R moves : Can you make thinkpad T400 to gaming laptop??
Rayon Williams sports tv : Do you have to upgrade yhe processor in order to use a ssd ?
Saibot Saibot : Just upgraded the CPU of mine... unfortunately the missing piece (wiggling out the heatsink) was just the one giving me trouble. I had to bend the plastic rim with quite a bit of determination and two wires were taped to the top of the fan housing.

After reassembly, temperatures are not outstandingly great but OK (60°C idle, 75°C under cpu-z stressing) and I didn't kill the new old CPU so it's not a huge issue.
B Hath : I'd been coveting a Thinkpad for a while. I just picked up a T60 and am shopping for upgrades now.

Легендарный ibm t60

Ноутбуки ThinkPad издавна воспринимаются пользователями как некий эталон бизнес-класса и максимально консервативные портативные ПК.
Дюйсен Каиржанов : Молодец

IBM ThinkPad T60 - greatest work laptop ever made? (extended)

IBM ThinkPad T60 - greatest work laptop of all time? (extended review). Tutorial to upgrade CPU, RAM \u0026 SSD and how to use today.

Donation Patreon:

Music: Coyote Hearing - Heart Strings
Kamil : i love the x60 but i wish that I could upgrade the CPU in it :( i have the mainboard for an x61 with a pretty decent c2d but no shell for it
‌ : T60 was the last Thinkpad/First thinkpad by IBM/Lenovo. R&D from 2002-2006.
Pirate Labs : I have a 2007 T60 and I love it. I am just now getting around to installing an SSD, and the T7200 CPU and 4 gigs of ram. (even though it only recognizes 3 gigs) I use my desktop I built last year for most everything I do here at home but, it will be nice to have this laptop running in top shape to use whenever I want. It is a classic and a keeper and, I got it at work for free when they tossed a bunch of them away because XP was no longer supported. I really enjoyed your video.
Nick Spencer : I just got one of these last month and I love it. Came with a single core x86 processor and I did my first ever cpu upgrade to give it a t7400 core 2 duo. I bought a battery for it, slapped a linux distro on there, and it's quickly becoming my favorite computer. On the other hand, it has led me to buy loads of ancient thinkpads since then so I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it lol. Thinkpad addiction is a real problem, and it's definitely a problem I currently face haha.
Liams Bargains : We are still using ours daily with the latest patches of Window 10! 3 GB ram installed, T2700 processors and 500GB HDD's. WiFi has also been updated to wireless-n spec and added USB 3 ports and SD Card readers to the PCMCIA and cardbus slots. HDD in Ultrabays have also been removed and we now enjoy DVDRW Multidrives instead. For work, these are perfect. Robust and take all knocks and spillages plus all parts are still readily available and can be changed easily. We still love them and will only change them will forced to although we will probably look into alternative operating systems if we do. :-)
Nicolò Zorzetto : Do you have a channel about electrical engineering? The voice is uncanny
Tuppy : I brought one for £40 and upgraded the processor to a T7400 for £10 and waiting on a new screen which cost me £10. For £60 it’s an absolute steal!
papuchobello : Not only IBM make a bad deal with Microsoft but it did again with the lenovo deal. Lenovo a chinese company.
by the way companies dont pay the dept you and me working citizens do.
NagitoVDZVW : Windows can't boot up on mah Thinkpad T60 ;-;
se8194 : I recently purchased a T60 for about $50 US dollars, core duo T2400, ATI X1300 chip, 2GB RAM, 1400*1050 non IPS screen. Some minor issues bue the machine is in very good shape. It has win10 installed and works surprisedly well! But I bought it primally for retro gaming and i plan to install WinXP instead. Awesome machine!!




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