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Kids Workout: 30 Day Challenge Weight Loss

A 30 Day Challenge for Kids with exercises that will help you burn fat and lose weight. All exercises are easy and fun to do at home. You just have to follow the video and our Little Sports will count the repetitions and rest time for you.

Good luck and keep working out everyday if you want to see results!

Also, don't forget to subscribe to the channel if you want to receive new video workouts every Monday!

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After A While, Crocodile | + More Super Simple Songs for Kids

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Hi there! Yeah, you ^_^. Thanks for watching! We're happy to share this collection of kids songs and nursery rhymes, starting off with a super simple goodbye song, "After A While, Crocodile." Let us know what you think in the comments ^_^.

In case you're wondering, here's a little bit of information about the differences between alligators and crocodiles:
- Alligators have u-shaped snouts.
- Crocodiles have more v-shaped snouts.
- Alligators' upper teeth often show when the mouth is closed.
- Crocodiles' upper and lower teeth show when the mouth is closed.
- Alligators generally live in fresh water.
- Crocodiles generally live in salt water or water that is brackish (has more salt than typical fresh water.)
-Neither make very good pets!

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Here's the lyrics to "After A While, Crocodile":
See you later, alligator.
After a while, crocodile.
Bye bye, butterfly.
See you again next time.

See you later, alligator.
After a while, crocodile.
Bye bye, butterfly.
See you again next time.
See you again next time.

And here's a list of all the songs in this compilation:
After A While, Crocodile - 0:00
Wag Your Tail - 0:47
Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? - 3:28
Put On Your Shoes - 5:54
Old McDonald - 8:48
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star - 12:19
Sweet Dreams (Goodnight Song) - 14:46
Little Snowflake - 17:39
Mary Had A Kangaroo - 19:51
The Super Simple Alphabet Song - 22:35
The Alphabet Chant - 23:50
The Animals On The Farm - 25:35
Row Row Row Your Boat - 28:38
Head Shoulders Knees \u0026 Toes (Learn It) - 30:30
I Have A Pet - 31:38
Head Shoulders Knees \u0026 Toes (Sing It) - 33:47
I’m A Little Snowman - 34:43
Open Shut Them - 36:00
Skidamarink (Animated Version) - 38:24
The Wheels On The Bus - 40:40
Uh-huh - 43:07
What Do You Hear? - 44:34
I See Something Pink - 47:37
Go Away! - 50:25
One Little Finger - 52:01
My Teddy Bear - 54:13
How’s The Weather? - 56:15
If You’re Happy - 58:05
BINGO - 59:57
Ten In The Bed - 102:43

All original and adapted songs, and all arrangements, copyright Super Simple Learning.

Get FREE resources like coloring sheets, games, flashcards, and worksheets for most of these songs in the Super Simple Learning Resource Center:

Super Simple Songs® and Super Simple Learning® are registered trademarks of Super Simple Learning, Inc.




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