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Honda XL50 | First Love | A Joy to Ride

The simplest, lightest & least intimidating bike on the planet. This bike is over 40 years old, come along with me and see if this old timer still provides the most smiles per mile than any other bike on Earth.
Für deutsche Untertitel klickt einfach auf "settings", dann auf "Subtitles/CC", dann auf "German". Viel Spaß.

My Contact Information:
Scott Warner
Email: nothingtoprovemoto@gmail.com

Song: Anthem of a Quirky Hipster by Rex Banner

Video Gear:
Camera A: GoPro HERO7 Black
Camera B: GoPro HERO7 Black
Camera C: Samsung S9
Audio A: Zoom H1n & Zoom F1
Microphone: Sony ECM-CS3
robato28 : Reminds me of driving my ‘moped’ Honda MB50 37 years ago ?
Z3RO : I have one of these in the exact same colour, absoloutley love it?
Bush Pilot : I had a Yamaha GT 50 and I loved it but I was 13 years old...
Nick Karsten : need to get the 80 version all these 50cc have all kinds of limiters for europe regulations 80cc makes 8 more horsepower
Gert Scheper : There is also an honda ape 50 .
Volodymyr Foros : Man, you are doing good, substantial and fun reviews, pls. do one with a suzuki sv 650A, an interesting bike engineering. Thanks in advance from Ukrainian motoenthusiast)*"!
oɔnᗡ : I have a xl50 my self and i am going to put a xr80 block under it, i eventually want to get a topspeed of 100 km/h does somebody have experience with this?
Simon Lütt : Hilarious!??
I had so much fun watching this video! It was like riding this bike too?
I would buy one of those or similar as well, but being 6ft 3in tall it's almost like an impossible mission. I sat on a Grom once and it was like having my knees at my chin.
So I'd like to thank you for this.
Tsugumo Hanshiro : A bike with little weight for her to learn on? Sounds great. The following was my thought when I sat on my first 500 cc machine: "Ooops, guess I cant't lean it much at all without dropping it. Careful, careful..." Removing that alone will be a great help in my opinion. And I love that you will show videos of her learning to ride. It will bring back fond memories of my time starting the whole thing. Thanks for all your great content, Scott!
Bruce Brown : Actually the rear shocks are on the “minimum” setting. Add more pre-load!!!!

MagLite XL50 issues - part 2

Part 2 - testing the theory of parasitic drain issues with the MagLite XL50 flashlight.

Check out the original Video here:

beau mclaughlin : Would like to know the results
Name McNameFace : Been 5 months - how are things looking?
krazer808 : My issue is the switch, if I screw it to tight it doesn't work. I have to tighten and back off a 1/4 turn for it to work normally.
Waiting on my streamlight 1LAA ,then maglight goes bye bye...
Tim Summers : It's a fair review and I've had this issue too. I've had three XL50s and they do leak. There are two good things about this flashlight, one is that it's cheap and second, the brightness is great. However, the battery leaking issue is unacceptable and I finally upgraded to a Fenix flashlight, which cost me $100 but it's rechargeable and more reliable.
Back Off : Where's your follow-up video for this comparison , wasn't able to find on YT ?
Back Off : I've got the same problem with my ML 50LX that I got from Marlboro rewards codes. Except my flashlight only drains one of the two C-cell batteries to the point that the flashlight turns on and just dies without warning of getting low, one of the batteries checks @ 1.485v and the drained one is always around .445-.465v. Mag-Lite warranty claim cost $15.00 for shipping & handling ? They're totally worthless as far as customer service or standing behind their product!
The Lone Ranger : I've got the XL200 and I've used energizer and currently Asda alkaline batteries and it's been fine up to now. I had 5 maglite led Solitaires, 4 of which have energizer batteries and one with a duracell. I gave my wife and son one each with energizer batteries in and are still working fine, but of my 3 i had to throw the one away with the duracell in because it had leaked and was locked solid inside. My other 2 are still working fine with energizer batteries
TJ Jones : Good video I have another issue with them. I use it daily at my job and therefore get "free" batteries from work weekly so that drain isn't an issue. However after about 3ish years of daily use the tail cap is messed up and will switch settings if it's on and then shook or tilted. The button feels normal but clearly isn't right. I bought 2 and my other is newer by a year and doesn't have any issues....yet. Changing the batteries weekly keeps it bright and I have never had it leak in THIS light. What junk though. Being cheap I thought the 30 bucks would be better but if I had to buy batteries weekly it would be extremely expensive.
terry fong : My XL50 has battery drain issue. Then I never leave batteries idling in this light.
Robert Lee : Like you say. Nice size. Nice weight. Great light when working. My problem is that after using one set of batteries and replacing them with new ones, the light does not work at all. Yes, I know how to change the batteries properly. I have purchased several of these XL50's at Lowe's and Walmart for gifts and kept two for myself. All of them seem to have the same problem. Don't know if it's in the button switch, or the bulb burned out. the replacement bulbs are not cheap either. I'm bummed to have spent so much for several and have problems with every one of them.




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