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CTA Reviews: DiGiCo SD12

Introduced in early 2017, Mike got one on his birthday! Had to give it back, though. The SD12 is a 72 channel, 36 buss console with dual touch screens, and full processing on every in and out. It's a great desk at an amazing price point.

This version of the video has updated titles with some corrections on the channel count. A previous version incorrectly stated all channels and busses can be mono or stereo. I apologize for missing that.

Learn more at:

DiGiCo SD12 Launch Video

Edited Video of Live Distributor Webinar in December 2016

ATC DiGiCo SD12: Multitrack recording and virtual soundcheck using the onboard UB MADI

Introducing 'All things concerning DiGiCo SD12'.

In the first episode of this series Frank explains how to make a multitrack recording and do a virtual soundcheck using the onboard UB-MADI of a DiGiCo SD12 console.




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