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Welcome to UVA!

At the University of Virginia, we are committed to doing our very best. Whether that's in the classroom or on the basketball court, the UVA community comes together to make change and be a part of something bigger.

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Olivia : Virginia is so underrated. Just cause we’re out here in the country doesn’t mean we’re all freaking cowboys. ?
Kyle Richnafsky : Song?
Jad : L
Max LaVoy : L
Nate KANG : L
CRH : Awkward...
Lilpuno : Welcome to UMBC
Sidd Subramanyam : that aged well
Eternal Darkness : Let's talk about UVA students and fans transferring to UMBC?!?! What do you say BOOHOOS? ????
Jordan McGregor : RIP

My First Day of College | UVA

Hey everyone, hope you all are having a wonderful day! This is my first day of college and theres a couple of things that I'd like to show yall. I went to a couple of classes and did a couple of of other things! I hope you find it interesting. If you have any questions please let me know!

Rohan Bhasin : Where are the new vids
GamingCom : Hey can someone explain to me the difference between bacs and bscs
Alaa Fathi : 6:42
This cool editing is one of the reasons I enjoy your videos.
shivansh tripathi : I loved your editings
Isabela Perez Veliz : His videos amaze me ❤️❤️
Shameatriss Calloway : Period I live in Uva
Azrael Archangel : As a fellow student at UVA, this will be one of the last times you will be in an environment where you are surrounded by your peers. I think you should take classes on anything and everything that interest you, as long as he financial situation works out. If you want to end at a bachelors for now, don’t graduate early and maybe pick up a minor. If you are open to graduate degrees, maybe it would be worthwhile to at least check those out. In the end, you should enjoy your time at UVA and explore what it means to be a young adult as a student.
Gabrielle F : Richard Ross!!!!
Jhayda Johnson : UVA 21 here ? WAHOOWA
ImpactGraphics : i'd say the co-op route personally




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