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The Salisbury Hotel New York. Twin Bedroom Suite.

I needed a hotel room in a handy location close to Central Park and Times Square. I also needed a room with two tvs, The Salisbury hotel for the price fitted the bill. The room was on the old side...but it was clean. Tv selection was great. The problem i had with this hotel was there was no WiFi of its own. There was an outside provider offering WiFi but it was on the expensive side. Other than that it was an enjoyable stay and there was no rip off city tax.
Hunter H : I remember staying here back in 2017
Ketih Rendrag : It's rather noisy.
Jonathan Winton : Looks very nice indeed mate. WIFI is usually a necessity these days and its surprising how it can affect overall ratings. We care for 2 holiday cottages and over the past 2-3yrs multiple ones have observed that WiFi was lacking. Amazingly after the owners invested in it it the bookings for 17/18 shot up. Great video , liked.
Paul Bateson : Nice video Mark. Hotel in Central Park is kind expensive?
sfflyer123 : Great video, Mark. I've never heard of the Salibury hotel, but anything in Manhattan is great. When I would visit manhattan, I would always stay in New Jersey because it was so much cheaper to stay there than in manhattan. Manhattan hotels are so tiny, and everything is small there, so this was a very sizeable room. Was it very expensive?
Félix Maltchinski : You didn't make the video off the food in this hotel.
trianglemouse : Looks great full of period charm. Rather stay there than a modern soulless dump. Keep up the good work.

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Salisbury Hotel

Salisbury Hotel




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