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HP Designjet T1300 printer - how to load rolls of media

How to load the rolls of media on a DesignJet T1300 plotter.
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This video will take you through the process of loading paper rolls on the Designjet T1300 series (including T790/T2300eMFP). This machine accepts 2 rolls of paper. You will see the first roll being prepared on the spindle - showing the correct way up before placing it in the Roll 1 slot. The video then takes you through the Touch screen panel until you get to - paper - where it then tells you what to do next. Open the roll cover and load as directed - avoiding the sheet paper path as shown - just roll the paper into the machine until it reaches a hard stop and the sensor beeps - then the machine will start taking the paper in. The panel will ask the paper type and, if you have the advanced features on the machine, also the length which in this case is 45.7 metres (50ft). Close the cover and the printer is ready for the 1st roll. You are then taken back to the panel to load Roll 2, This time you go to the rear of the printer, open the cover and load the spindle into place. Again you will see the paper being rolled into the machine until it stops and the sensor beeps - before taking the paper in. The panel again asks for paper type and length which is then printed on a barcode on the edge of the paper for future reference. The panel now shows both rolls are loaded successfully.
bss lab : error showing is remove roll from sheet path then what can we do?
Vito Don : Nice cheaper plotter.•ᴥ•>share4.photo/Designjet?ká    Works so far. CD was missing for drivers. Kinda a pain to get to work with new AutoCAD program at first due to having to search for driver. Lots of plastic, fragile.
grecia white : thank you! saved my boss a headache
jory jory : ther is a problem in my (designJet T2300) it's change the red colour to yellow ..so please help me
Carlos A. Aparicio : What is the biggest diameter the roll can be?
CHRISTINE GALEN : Thank you for this presentation. i am trying to print on A4 how do i feed it in and hw do i choose A4 as the choice of paper?
TheDJZeroX : Is it normal that this plotter needs 10 minutes to restart?
TheDJZeroX : Whenever I load roll 1 or 2, it doesn't show the paper categorys. It's just an empty field. I restarted it 3-4 times, but still the same problem. Before this problem happened, I were able to load it 2-3 times. In the webinterface are every paper categorys marked as "visible". Firmware is up-to-date. What can I do?
Patrick James : Thanks very much, this video helped me sort out my worry
hmto942 : Hey guys any one he know about rolling machine A0 size

Plotter HP T2300 service mode login

شركة ذو شأن الهندسية لنظم المعلومات : How you fixed this problem later?
naveed Fw : great work engineer . plz make more videos for technical support . naveed from KSA .
Fix : Hola .. y para la t1300 es posible?
kris17hc : Lastima no habia visto esto antes, me hubiera ayudado mucho, cobran un dineral por una cosa tan simple




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