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ICF-P26 아날로그 AM/FM RADIO 리뷰

편집기 키네마스터
도사킴 : 입 뒀다 뭐해요?
김강우 : SD 카드 들어 가나요?
이리제 : 맞다 AM은 베란다에 놓으면 잘나옵니다!
VIKI Park : 우와 아직 라디오기기가 있을줄 몰랐어요!

소니 탁상 라디오 알람 시계 (Sony Radio Clock)

소니 탁상 라디오 알람 시계 (Sony Radio Clock)

라디오와 함께 지내던 어린시절 추억을 떠올리게 해주는
소니 탁상 라디오 알람 시계

아날로그 버튼에
아날로그 다이얼
아날로그 사운드

인테리어에도 괜찮고 추억에 빠지지고 괜찮은 물건!
조유진 : 안녕하세요 같은 기종 소니라디오를 갖고 있는데요~혹시 코드 뒤에 얇은 선 하나 더 있는건 어떤 용도인지 아시나요?

Game Time! Sony ICF-P36 AM FM Portable Radio Review

The Sony ICF-P36 AM FM handheld receiver is a solid performer.
Sony has produced a fun table style form factor for one of its portable radio models.

▶ The Sony ICF-P36 at Amazon USA: http://amzn.to/2EF7uVw
▶ The Sony ICF-P36 at Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2R7ohqp
▶ The Sony ICF-P36 at Ebay: http://bit.ly/SonyP36

▶ Todd's Shop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/todderbert

Perfect for the garage, or outside while working on projects. It has a nice wide base so it sits where you put it. Runs on 2-AAs and has great sound for its size.

The features I like best about this radio:
Sideways design profile. The antenna just works better in this layout vs the P-26.
Tuning and Battery Indicator lights.
FM and AM reception might be just a tad better then the P-26
Wide Volume knob which is nice to use.
Selectivity is good with this radio.

I really don't think Sony will sell millions of these, but it is a really cool alternative to the normal fair out there. This is as basic as it gets, but basic is good. Analog tuning is good. Its all good.

* Todderbert's Rockin' Radio Shop *

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You don't even need to buy the item you are linked to. Just remember to use the link when you decide to shop for something at the big online store :) Awesome!

▶ Amazon Item Donation: https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/XGI2F2CGS5Y

▶ Patreon Forum: https://www.patreon.com/todderbert

Special thanks go out to my Patreon Cornerstone Supporters:
Arnold Alt
MaryAnn A
Rita B

▶ Todderbert's Discord: https://discord.gg/9E2yUSe
brave one : i need it in nepal . can anyone help me
Erfan Wahyu Utomo : Nice channel, I enjoy it
paulo szymanski : Eu tenho um rádio igual a este é muito bom comprei no Uruguai
karan jadhav : Nice sir video
Tom Jones : Todderbert...They want nearly 30 bucks for this now on Amazon. I was using this radio and my Eton Elite Traveler earlier while tuned to the same AM station and when the station faded I lost intelligibility of the audio on the Eton first but could still understand the person talking on the Sony. This radio seems to be less sensitive to my Sony P26 but I think it`s an illusion because my P36 has less bass tone and the signal simply sounds weaker. Using an external speaker they`d be identical I think.

I wonder if there`s a way to add a simple part like maybe a resistor to add more punch to the speaker audio? Others always say the P36 is better but I use my P26 more often because it sounds better on weak stations. Even though I use my P36 less the volume control is already failing. It`s the one I use with headphones, which I don`t do very often, and this requires more volume adjustments. I leave my P26 set to a comfortable range and rarely change it. I plan to replace the volume pot (or attempt it) in the future. I was aware of the issues with it on these radio when I bought them. It`s the number one complaint. Why oh why doesn`t Sony fix this? I wonder how much it would cost me to use the one year warranty and what I`d have to go through to replace the radio? Probably a one hour drive (I live in the sticks) to send it back and I pay the shipping...

I had my disability hearing Friday and won`t know if I won for up to 6 months from now. If I win I`m getting the CCrane EP Pro to test other radios against for performance. In one of your videos a tiny little white radio was competing well with the CCrane on AM. Too bad they stopped making those.
dumitru jitaru : Hello! Which of these models is better? I would like to buy. thank you very much.
K. Loh : This radio accompanies me whenever I have to work overtime in the office. I had decided to use a radio with an AM/FM transmission instead of listening to music online because my office is haunted. Whenever I hear any distortions or crackling sounds on the radio, it’s an indication that it’s time to leave.
Orney : Watching from saint louis!
Костя Трофимов : How It does receiving in a bad conditions for signal ? Fm
Robert Papps : Great review, price is currently about $27 on Amazon.




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